Anti-spam Mail Appliance

Anti-spam Mail Appliance is based on a group of sophisticated filtering technologies that work in parallel. Users maintain total control over quarantine behavior: With a simple click, a user can delete or release any message retained by the filter. Installation requires absolutely no modification to your existing IT infrastructure.
  • Anti-spam Anti-spam Mail Appliance implements a number of complementary techniques to detect spam. By combining artificial intelligence algorithms and frequent updates, Anti-spam Mail Appliance constantly adapts to identify the ever-changing techniques of spammers.
  • Anti-virus Anti-spam Mail Appliance filters all incoming messages for viruses, worms, and suspicious attachments with potentially dangerous contents.
  • Newsletter Detection: Anti-spam Mail Appliance recognize and classify Newsletters. The user will receive only the newsletters he wants to receive and all others will remain in quarantine.
  • Web-based User Interface Anti-spam Mail Appliance offers each user a simple way to review quarantine lists, change preferences, and consolidate reports for users who have more than one e-mail address.
  • Web-based Administrator Interface The administrator keeps control of all system settings. Detailed traffic and filtering reports give the administrator a clear vision of network and mail activity.
System compatibility

Compatible with all mail servers

  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Zimbra
  • Lotus Notes
  • Postfix, Etc…

Protects against spam

Protects against viruses

Handles multiple domains, multiple user levels

Places illegitimate messages in quarantine

Users can easily release quarantined messages

Automatic status reports

User-friendly web-based

Protects against dangerous content

Technical features
  • Removes more than 99.9% of incoming viruses.
  • Guarantees rate of spam detection.
  • Detects potentially dangerous content.
  • Combines multiple technologies to adapt to spammers’ strategies.
  • Validates recipient address (Callout).
  • Newsletters detection module.
  • Greylisting, SMTP temporary refused
  • Implements spammer blacklists such as SIP, Spamhaus,, etc.
  • Verifies the identity of sending mail servers.
  • Allows customized syntax lists based on language and/or user.
  • Implements heuristic techniques including Bayesian filters.
  • Machine learning algorithms.
  • Deep Neural Networks.
  • Includes ClamAV antivirus with frequent automatique updates.
  • Intercepts and scans mail attachments in real time.
  • Image analysis (OCR)
  • rejecting bad SPF
  • BATV, DKIM signing/verifying
  • full DMARC support
  • RESTFull and SOAP API for external domains management
  • Legitimate messages are forwarded to the mail server. Infected messages are cleaned and dangerous content placed in quarantine.
  • User authentication is tailored to your existing infrastructure (AD, LDAP, IMAP, POP, Radius, MySQL, etc.)
  • Offers users the possibility to configure their own preferences: language, action to take on detected spam, report frequency, alias address bundling.
  • Each user can forward errors to correct filtering criteria.
  • Allows to choose the best spam handling strategy: Quarantine, delete, or tag.
  • Constantly checks for virus/spam filtering rule updates from our analysis center.
  • Allows for multiple domains, multiple user levels, multiple administrators, and multiple languages.
  • Can be installed in parallel for large volumes.